Rocket Hound Homestead

Mike and Kim designed the Homestead as an expanding project. Designed with 1 bedroom and two baths for the initial buildout, it is a combination of Industrial style and Craftsman period inspiration.

The exterior is lap siding and metal for durability. A metal shed roof allows a large easy slope and area for future solar upgrades without the problems of roof ridges. Plus it just looks cool!

Inside is modern but being trimmed with locally harvested and air dried oak. The oak was harvested on the land that the house sits on and stacked and dried for 10 years. Hand scraped Acacia wood floors and state of the art appliances round out the living arrangements.

Coming in at a little over 1000 square feet, the house is heated with a hydronic air handler using recirculation through an on demand water heater. Future plans include a solar feed tank to reduce propane use to an absolute minimum.

The workshop/garage area was designed to maximize open space and sports a laundry room/2nd bath and a bulk storage pantry under the stairs.