About Us

Here There Be Rocket Hounds!

What the heck is a Rocket Hound you may ask…. Rocket Hounds are a fabulous new breed of dog. They have some very specific requirements to qualify and are governed by absolutely NO one!

Rocket Hounds are traditionally a mixed breed consisting of Pit Bull Terrier and anything else. To fully qualify as a Rocket Hound the animal must have been rescued. The animal also must be one of the coolest and nicest dogs you have ever met or had.

The Breed was designated in 2012 by Kim Pensinger and formally adopted by her husband Mike when they met. These pages are about them and their Rocket Hounds and the places they have lived and been.

Mike is the General Manager and Brewmaster for Parkway Brewing Company in Salem, VA. A healthy interest in many pursuits keeps him busy on the hobby front. Knifemaking, firearms, woodwork, metalwork, and machining to nam a few!

Kim is a Licensed Veterinary Technician at a local family owned clinic in Radford, VA. She fills her extra time with fiber art including spinning and knitting.

Mike and Kim maintain two sanctuaries for their Rocket Hounds Sadie and Morretti. The Rocket Hound Homestead is located outside Greeneville, TN and the Rocket Hound Suburbstead is located in Radford, VA. Both have unique purposes and atmospheres. And problems. And projects! Lots of Projects!