Strawberries in the Gutter

So… Strawberries, gutter, a fence, some soil…

We wanted to plant strawberries this year at the Suburbstead. Our space is a little tight so after some intense Pintrest searching we found an option. Rain gutters!

Easy project and pretty inexpensive at that! Run over to the local big box store and grab 10′ of gutter and a couple end caps. You can hang them a number of way but we opted for the nice clip type brackets. Total hardware cost, about $20. We also picked up some container garden soil. It is formulated to help retain moisture and pretty much is the Square Foot Gardener mixture without the work.

First up was to mount the brackets. Our screw to the posts and have a shelf type support that the gutter sits on. Once the gutter is in there is a clip that goes in from the top.

Pretty simple. Place the brackets. Set the gutter in place. Try to make it level. We drilled 1/2 inch holes every foot to allow for drainage. Don’t forget!

Fill it with the soil!

And plant!

The theory of this is that the berries will never be on the ground. No rot, no insects, easy harvest! We shall see!

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